• £5.50 p. head

    Minimum Order: £25

    Sandwich Platter with Brownies

  • £7.50 p. head

    Minimum Order: £30

    Sandwich Platter, Brownies and Salads Bowls

*We often add new salads to our selection, please enquire when placing orders.

  • Contains about third vegetarian sandwiches and the remainder is meat and fish, however we are happy to customize according to your needs.

  • Sandwiches are made using white or granary square bread and cut in to quarters.Wraps are also cut into quarters.

  • Number of Salads provided depends on the number of covers ordered.

  • Minimum Order is £25 for Sandwiches only, and £30 for Sandwiches and Salads
  • Please place orders with a minimum of 24 hour notice
  • 24 hours required for cancellations